Furniture Care Guide

Helpful hints on how to care for your furniture


Oak furniture

We sell a fantastic product called Woodsilk. This is a non-silicon polish with beeswax and a light oil which brings your furniture back to life. 

For use on oiled and lacquered furniture, it cleans and protects and it smells lovely too!


Top tips from Woodys to keep your furniture in showroom condition!

Always use coasters on your furniture when putting down drinks.

Avoid extremes and sudden changes in temperature.

Avoid furniture polish with silicon in it as it can cause a white bloom to develop on your furniture.


 Pine Furniture

Here at Woodys we used to stain and wax polish pine furniture by hand in our workshop.

Using Mylands products, we first sand by hand to create a smooth surface, and then we apply a stain to give the mellow colour of traditional antique pine furniture.

We the apply the wax thickly with a brush before buffing off to give a wonderful sheen. The wood is protected and it smells wonderful.

Most of our pine furniture is available unfinished for you to wax and polish yourself.

We sell the Mylands products that we use ourselves or you can use your own products. That way, you can create an individual piece or match the colour with something that you have already.

Unfinished furniture can also be painted,  the possibilities for creativty are endless!